Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

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Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

The purpose of root canal treatment or endodontic treatment is to fill the root canals to eliminate bacteria and infection in the root canals of the tooth and prevent further pain and damage.

A root canal is a thin channel in the roots of teeth. Normally, these canals are filled with nerves and blood vessels that feed the tooth. The pulp inside these canals does not have the ability to heal like other living tissues. If it is damaged due to decay, trauma or any other reason, it cannot repair itself. In such cases, endodontic treatment is necessary.


Treatment is applied in cases where the nerve and vascular bundle of the tooth, that is, the pulp, is damaged, has lost its vitality or will be damaged in the future. Root canal treatment has no alternative other than extraction. Severe and prolonged pain that starts spontaneously, lesions and abscesses in the tooth root, pain that starts as a result of hot or cold stimuli and lasts for a long time may be symptoms of pulp damage.


Before starting root canal treatment, the condition of the roots and canals is examined with an X-ray film and it is determined whether the tooth is suitable for root canal treatment. Before starting the treatment, the tooth to be treated is anesthetized with local anesthesia. After the tooth is fully anesthetized, the factor is eliminated first. For example, if there is decay, it is cleaned or if there are deep fillings, they are removed. Following this process, the pulp tissue in the root canals is removed and the canals are shaped. If there is no infection, the canal is filled and the tooth is filled. In the presence of infection, medication is placed in the canals to eliminate the infection and the tooth is closed with a temporary filling and the patient is given an appointment for a week later. For detailed information about root canal treatment, Canal Treatment Specialist Uzm. Dr. You can visit Kaan Nejat’s website.


Root canal treatment that has failed for any reason must be repeated. In this case, the physician removes the old root canal fillings from the canal, cleans the canals and places medication in the canal to eliminate the infection. The success rate of a repeat root canal treatment is lower than the first time.

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